Release Notes

Release 5.9.0

Selection Data Availability, Start Page Redesign, Pipe Data Check-point, Experience Comparison and many fixes and improvements. Release notes for version 5.9.0.

Selection Data Availability

I. General

  1. Start Page Redesign

II. Explorer

  1. Selection Data Availability

III. Planner

  1. Pipe Data Check-point
  2. Experience Comparison


Start Page Redesign

With our new design, you can now search across all the Wells, Experiences and News. The entire page has been optimised in order to quickly find the options you need.


Selection Data Availability

This new section in the Statistics tab offers the information of how many wellbores in the selection have a specific dataset, and the option to quickly create a separate selection with those wellbores.


Pipe Data Check-point

When trying to chance a section type (e.g. liner to casing), a menu will appear, where you can quickly save all the pipe data within the section, making the pipes available to reuse in the presets system. That covers the drillstring, casingstring and landingstring.


Experience Comparison

The Well and the linked Experiences now share the left side panel in the Planner, so you can check the entire list of wellbores available from the current well and offsets to create your side by side view for comparison.

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