Release Notes

Release 5.5.0

Completion/Perforation Runs, Well Design Time-log, Historic Wellbore Operational Summary and more. Release notes for version 5.5.0.

Operational steps reported from the rig are now attached to the overview page, so you can easily take a look at them, together with the NPTs.

Operational Summary

I. Planner

  1. Completion Run
  2. Perforation Run
  3. Completion Workstring
  4. Time Log View

II. Explorer

  1. Operational Summary


Completion Run

Completion run can be inserted for each lower, middle, and upper completion. Under completion run, its various properties can be defined like work string and completion components. Also, components in each completion run can be individually specified with their lengths, weights, and depths.

Completion Run

Perforation Run

Perforation run can be added under each completion type with specific properties of shot density, gun diameter, depths. There also option for multiple perforations in single run. Each perforation interval is shown by red shots on schematic.

Perforation Run

Completion Workstring

In completion work string, there are two options of running completion to specified depth. One is Wireline and other is drill pipe/tubing. Properties of pipes can be manually defined using OD, ID, weights, grades and connections or can be added directly from saved presets.

Completion Workstring

Time-log View

Time view log under Time estimation tab is a new addition where time log for each operation is visible with start time, end time and duration. Each operation can be further expanded to view the time log for sub operations like RIH time, POOH time and Drilling time etc.

Time log View

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