Release Notes

Release 5.10.0

Data Coverage View, Workstring for Perforate Run, Updated/Added Wellbores Summary and many fixes and improvements. Release notes for version 5.10.0.

Data Coverage View

I. General

  1. Updated/Added Wellbores Summary

II. Explorer

  1. Data Coverage View

III. Planner

  1. Workstring for Perforate Run


Updated/Added Wellbores Summary

With our new design, you can now search across all the Wells, Experiences and News. The entire page has been optimised in order to quickly find the options you need.


Data Coverage View

Now Pro Well Plan users can visualize data coverage using a color scheme. This feature helps users quickly identify areas where data availability is maximum and areas where it is minimum. The data is associated with wellbores, where the blue color indicates the maximum amount of data for a particular wellbore, while the red color indicates the least data availability. This feature can be used to identify gaps in data coverage and to plan for additional data collection in areas where it is needed.


Workstring for Perforate Run

A new feature that allows users to add a workstring for a perforate run is available in this update. With this feature, users can customize and edit the workstring components if they are perforating with the pipe. Another option to perforate is using a wireline which is also available in the software. The ability to customize and edit the workstring in Pro Well Plan provides users with greater control and flexibility in their planning process, allowing them to optimize perforate runs and improve overall efficiency.

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