Release Notes

Release 4.4.0

Pressure Over Seawater plot, Geohazards, Summary Reports and more. Release notes for version 4.4.0.

Summary Reports

New Features and Improvements

I. Planner

  1. Pressure Over Seawater plot.
  2. Geohazards.
  3. Summary Reports.


Pressure Over Seawater plot




Summary reports: Trajectory

Trajectory report

Summary reports: Geology

Geology report

Summary reports: Maximum Anticipated Wellhead Pressure (MAWP)

MAWP report


Bug Fixes

I. Explorer

  1. Search for wellbores in similarity view.

II. Planner

  1. Adjust validation for completion components.
  2. Copy Geology from template.
  3. Stuck curve legends in PPFG plot.
  4. Open current tab when switching to another well design.
  5. Issue opening shared wells.
  6. Double loading state after change in drilling bha.

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