Release Notes

Release 4.3.0

Wellbore Links, Filters Redesign, Completion Operational Procedure and more. Release notes for version 4.3.0.

Wellbore Links

New Features and Improvements

I. Explorer

  1. Wellbore relevant links.
  2. Filters redesign.
  3. Planned-historic wellbores comparison

II. Planner

  1. Bit stick-out for Jet sections.
  2. Completion operational procedure.
  3. Shoe-track length and cement class.


Filters Redesign

Filters Redesign

Planned-Historic Wellbores Comparison

Planned Historic Wellbores Comparison

Bit stick-out for Jet sections

Bit Stick out for Jet Sections

Completion operational procedure

Completion Operational Procedure

Shoe-track length and cement class

Shoe track length and Cement Class


Bug Fixes

I. Explorer

  1. Adjust well location.

II. Planner

  1. Adjust long geology names in the respective visual element.
  2. Wellhead rating conversion from metric to imperial.
  3. Pointing seawater density property for technical calculations.
  4. Enable required properties for kick scenario calculation.
  5. File generation compatibility for WCST and MAWP.

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