Release Notes

Release 4.2.0

Custom Pressure Curves, New Geology Panel, new Historic Wellbore Overview and more. Release notes for version 4.2.0.

New Geology Panel

New Features and Improvements

I. Explorer

  1. Overview for historic wellbores.

II. Planner

  1. Custom pressure curves.
  2. New geology panel.

III. General

  1. "What's new" section on the start page.


Overview for Historic Wellbores

Historic Wellbore Overview

Custom Pressure Curves

Custom Pressure Curves

"What's new" section on the start page

22 Whats New22 Section


Bug Fixes

I. Planner

  1. Completion data structure incompatibility with Sections schematics.
  2. Crashing while switching geology from 'zone' to marker.
  3. Not showing entirely the seawater density value.
  4. Wrong title on Completion Assembly title.
  5. Full Page Schematic issues.

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