Release Notes

Release 4.1.0

Completion assemblies, H2S Designation, new Wellbore Dashboard and more. Release notes for versions 4.1.0.


New Features and Improvements

I. Explorer

  1. Completion assembly elements for historic wellbores.

II. Planner

  1. Completion assembly elements for planned wellbores.
  2. Add and edit perforations.
  3. H2S designation.

III. General

  1. Dashboard: general overview for every well design.
  2. Dashboard: switch between EMW and Pressures view.
  3. Dashboard: switch between Reach vs TVD and 3D view.
  4. Dashboard: updates summary for each well design.

Completion Assemblies

Completion Assbly

H2S Designation

H2 S Designation

Bug Fixes

I. Explorer

  1. Create new selection from Statistics/NPT.
  2. Showing main tabs twice on the right side panel for any selection.
  3. Tooltips hidden behind other trajectories. (Comparison/Well Path).
  4. Showing wellbores not covered by similarity view in searching bar.

II. Planner

  1. Pore pressure points equals 0 ignored in main schematic.
  2. Density points updated after changes in respective lithology.

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