Release Notes

Releases 4.0.0 & 3.0.0

Completion data integration, Planning sidetracks, Planning Drilling BHA and more. Release notes for versions 4.0.0 and 3.0.0.

Completion for Historic Wellbores 1

New Features and Improvements

I. Explorer

  1. Completion general view for historic wellbores.
  2. ESD/ECD data for historic wellbores.
  3. Download NPT data.
  4. Improved design in Explorer, giving more space for graphs and relevant data.
  5. Added ability to Color wellbores by number of Sections, Maximum Mudweight and Time to TD.
  6. Reduced map loading time.

II. Planner

  1. Planning sidetracks.
  2. Edit drilling BHA.
  3. Add custom geologies.
  4. Whipstock addition.
  5. Generate report: MAWP document.
  6. Export geology dataset.
  7. Ability to create Custom Operations. Include a new operation for any section in the wellbore, set a name and define the operational time.
  8. Ability to edit multiple drill runs per section.
  9. New Wellbore Cleanout run.
  10. Summary panel of detailed pipe and connection data for the entire wellbore.
  11. Improved design and navigation for right panel in Sections tab.

III. General

  1. Ability to see active users and what page in the application they are working in.
  2. Showing number of notifications in the browser tab.
  3. Improved the way you select a specific design when switching wellbore in the top menu.

Completion general view

Completion for Historic Wellbores 1

New ColorBy Properties

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