Release Notes

Release 2.5.0

Data Exports, Depleted/Pressurized zones, PPFG Edit and more. Release notes for version 2.5.0.


In the Pressure tab you have, for quite a while, had the ability to generate PPFG plots based on lithology data: You can set overburden density and formation density for the entire tvd range of the well in the lithology column, and a PPFG plot is generated for you in 3 references: rkb density, msl density, and pressure. New here is the ability to specify lithologies that deviate from the smooth, continuous gradients, by being either depleted or pressurised.

Clicking a lithology in the pressure tab brings up a new menu in the right side panel. Click "Depleted/pressurised", and you can specify a pore pressure for the tvd range covered by that lithology. You can give this value in either reference (rkb dens, msl dens or pressure) and we will calculate the other 2. By default we calculate the frac curve in that tvd range the standard way (2/3 the difference between pore and overburden), but if you want to specify an exact frac in the lithology as well, you can do so by clicking "Override frac" and enter a desired constant value.

New Features

  • Comparison: Ability to export data to spreadsheet for
    • Sections
    • Wellpath
    • Time Depth
    • Pressures
    • Geology
  • Benchmark: Ability to export data to spreadsheet for
    • Max Reach
    • Time/Cost
  • Improved Benchmarking plot. Making it possible to highlight specific wellbores
  • Ability to add Depleted/Pressurized zones
  • Ability to Edit uploaded PPFG
  • Visual feedback in Sections when trying to drag last section deeper than TD
  • Ability to specify mud base as Water, WBM, OBM or SBM
  • Improved Benchmarking plot. Making it possible to highlight specific wellbores

Bugs & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Full Page Schematic would sometimes crash for historic wellbores
  • Fixed an issue where toggling offset wellbores in Time Depth could crash
  • Fixed an issue in Operations where parts of the Design Envelopes graphs were cut off for smaller screens
  • Fixed an issue where users had to clear local storage to get new columns in Full Page Schematic
  • Fixed an issue where Cement was sometimes drawn incorrectly for Liners



Data Export


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