Release Notes

Release 2.0.0

Improved Full Page Schematic, Technical Calculations and more. Release notes for version 2.0.0.

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New Features

  • Ability to exclude wellbores when filtering.
  • Ability to control whether to include or exclude NPT events reported at depth 0.
  • Now showing how depth segmentation affects your Selection in Statistics.
  • Introduced new filters for NPT
    • NPT Description
    • NPT Event Type
    • NPT Failure MD
    • NPT Title
  • New operation CIRCULATE including temperature profile plots.
  • Validating your design now returns all conditions that passed and failed.
  • Running technical calculations gives feedback for each completed section.
  • Users can now edit Riser Size under Rig Settings.
  • Introduced more advanced gas kick calculations with dynamic density.
  • New feature Benchmarking to compare your design with your benchmark.
  • Now displaying hookloads for trip in, rotate off bottom and trip out actions.
  • Added ability to zoom on the x-axis for trajectory plots.
  • Improved Full Page Schematic and added ability to export as PDF.

Bugs & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where zooming into your active field was not possible.
  • Changed TFA unit from cm2 to in2 for Metric.
  • Cleaned up interface in Sections tab.
  • Cleaned up the way different designs are shown in Dashboard.

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