Release Notes

Release 1.13.0

Trajectory benchmarking, Compare Selections, improved NPT experience and much more. Release notes for version 1.13.0.

Npt comparison

New Features

  • Ability to see which wellbores have missing data in the map
  • Ability to toggle wellbores with different states in the map
  • Ability to compare two selections in Statistics
  • Improved NPT experience in Comparison
  • Improved NPT Statistics
  • Ability to expand right sidebar to full screen
  • Horizontal reach benchmarking
  • Ability to control how an update in RKB and Water Depth shifts your geology
  • More informative loading screen when updating RKB and Water Depth
  • Ability to hide MD/Inclination plot in Sections
  • Input fields are now editable when uploading Well Path and PPFG from spreadsheet
  • Displaying risk summary in Operations
  • Showing Max Reach, Kickoff Point, Build/Hold/Drop in Well Path

Bugs & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Total Depth was not showing in Info tab
  • Fixed an issue where creating a well without sections could lead to an error
  • Fixed an issue where the temperature gradient was not being calculated properly

Stats compare


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