Release Notes

Release 1.12.0

Major update to PPFG and more. Release notes for version 1.12.0.

New ppfg

New Features

  • All in One is now the default view when entering Well Path or Time.
  • Ability to see the contribution of each wellbore in NPT tab in Statistics.
  • New Geology chart in Statistics.
  • New condition STARTS WITH in Filter
  • New condition IS ONE OF for Depth Segmentation in Statistics.
  • Calculate PPFG curves by providing rock- and formation densities for the entire geology column.
  • Upload PPFG curves with any reference (RKB density, MSL density or pressure), the software calculates the other two.
  • PPFG curves are now recalculated when AirGap or Water Depth is changed.
  • Added new well path plot MD vs Inclination in Sections.
  • Improved user experience and validation when uploading PPFG.
  • Added more options to edit when creating a new Section.
  • Ability to input location as degrees, minutes and seconds.
  • FIT/LOT are now shown as squares and diamonds.

Bugs & Fixes

  • Added missing conditions in Filter.
  • Fixed an issue in Sections where NPTs above seabed were not interactive.
  • Fixed an issue where Kick density and ESD were not showing correctly in Imperial.
  • Fixed an issue where changing Hookload was sometimes giving wrong output.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hookload unit was showing kLBS, but the number was LBS.
  • Fixed an issue where editing Hookload in Rig setting could lead to an error.
  • Fixed an issue in Operations where the schematic for Case and Cement Run was not shown correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a casing shoe too shallow led to an error.

Geo graph

Md inc

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