Release Notes

Release 1.11.0

3D trajectories in the map and more. Release notes for release 1.11.0.

Wp 3d

New Features

  • Being able to visualize trajectories in 3D directly in the map.
  • Changed default y-axis to MD for Sections
  • Renamed Time Estimation to Time/Cost Benchmarking.
  • Improved Statistics/NPT with
  • Added new feature "Favorites" in Geology.
  • Being able to look at Geology in a single column.
  • Being able to upload well path in CSV.
  • Being able to run technical calculations from Sections and Pressures.
  • Improved experience when uploading well path from file.
  • Section schematic in Operations now includes drill string.
  • Showing a warning if there is a data mismatch in Full Page Schematics.
  • Improved y-axis zoom (brush) performance by reducing number of updates.
  • Added tooltip to all well path graphs.

Bugs & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where NPT was not displaying for some wellbores.
  • Fixed an issue where Air Gap was not updated in Rig Setting when updated in Geology.
  • Fixed an issue where some well designs crashed in Pressures for Metric unit system.
  • Fixed an issue where some well paths were cut off in the North/East plot.
  • Fixed an issue where geologies were not showing for offset wellbores if the active Well design did not have geology.
  • Fixed an issue where casing shoes were sometimes drawn incorrectly in well path plots.
  • Fixed an issue where some wellbores were crashing in Full Page Schematic.


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