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With the recent drop in oil price and the corona virus forcing people to work from home, make sure to use this opportunity to raise the bar on well planning.

Posted 03.06.2020 10:39 by Magnus Tvedt
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The following points are changing well planning to a more robust process, and when we are developing new work processes, we emphasize the following values

  • Well Plan Coverage
  • Report without making reports
  • Well design discussions when desicions are made
  • Collaboration in teams across projects and areas
  • Comparison of concepts and contingencies
  • Compare plan to operations
  • Availability of historic wells
  • Continuous development of new work processes

Think through the above points, how could they improve and what value would it add to your organization?


Digging deeper into one of the improvement points from the above points, Well Plan Coverage, giving you a measure of how well you have planned your well.

We expect the modern well planning organization to have full coverage of operations in the plans, you should never have to make quick decisions in operations because of missing detail and quality in the plans.

When drilling, you expect the plans to cover the events that happens in operations. With a traditional well plan, you cover 30-40% of the events in operations. Lack of detail and late decision making pushes the planning responsibility over on operational teams, which thrive in uncertainty and fire fighting.

When you can quickly create and easily reuse the work you have done, you can plan for more scenarios.


Let engineers and well planning teams grow with new work processes in an inspiring and online platform which motivates collaboration and personal development.

Let your managers find new ways to cut waste in the organization and develop the organization which can remain productive even in oil prices as low as we see today.

Your engineers are ready, your managers are ready, are you?

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