Pro Well Plan on ONS2022

Pro Well Plan was represented in ONS2022 with a stand located under the bigger Vestland region location in Hall 7. We had a good interest in our stand, and we talked to a lot of people representing different companies - both potential customers and collaboration partners.

We had generated 3 flyers which we handed out to persons visiting our stand:

Posted 05.09.2022 03:16 by Morten Vetaas
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  1. 500 MNOK investment, do you know the outcome? By using our solution you can easily generate multiple plans for a well that cover all foreseen eventualities during drilling operations. To make realistic drilling budgets, knowing the potential economic outcome space is a requirement.

  2. Presentations, spreadsheets and other ways to increase project risk. By moving data along the well planning route by spreadsheets and reports, designed for Decision Gate approvals, leaves a lot of valuable data behind on experts laptops and heads. We name these DG steps, with its associated reports and spreadsheets, as data barriers. By only putting forward a single well plan, the risk is high for running into problems during drilling operations. The resulting Management of Change contingency planning may very well contribute to increased risk and reduced value of the well with serious economical consequences for the operator and partners.

  3. OSDU - what have you done for me lately? Pro Well Plan takes part in the development of our industry by joining oil and gas OSDU(TM) Data Platform and OSDU(TM) Forums. Our data driven solution facilitates solid and data based decisions during well planning by removing data barriers (reports and spreadsheets) and having uploaded a huge database with historical wells for offset planning. These data originates from different data repositories and are QC’ed and contextualised. When preparing for offset analysis, the person(s) in charge for this task can easily use 50-60% of the designated time searching for and preparing the data. To have a quality database ready for use from the start saves therefore up a lot of time for the offset planning.

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We also made some nice golf shirts which we wore at ONS2022

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Pro Well Plan representatives:

Magnus Tvedt - CEO (ONS: 29-31 August), Mob: 948 61 723,

Cathrine Eide - Sales Manager (ONS: 29 August - 1 Sep.), Mob: 476 57 064,

Morten Vetaas - Sales Rep. (ONS: 28 August - 1 Sep.), Mob: 916 31 689,

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