Press Release - Shell Contract

In complex projects, collaboration and communication is always a challenge. In well planning, experts from many disciplines are working hard to reach short deadlines, where geology, drilling rigs, steel, fluids, and pressures all have to be fine-tuned to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Posted 03.06.2020 10:35 by Cathrine Tangerås Eide

With Pro Well Plan’s platform for well planning, the engineers and managers get dashboards, machine learning, drag-and-drop well designs, and a professional experience transfer community. This makes it easier to bring in more engineers and specialists to the team, and more of the personal experiences are captured and shared amongst colleagues.

Shell in Houston is now running a pilot project with Pro Well Plan after a successful POC and are currently training super users to lead the data-driven well planning in Shell. They have contracted with Pro Well Plan to roll the platform out to a broader deepwater community in Gulf Of Mexico in 2020.

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