Implementing Equinor’s Standardization Strategy

Like in a bird feeder, magic happens within safe boundaries

Posted 21.09.2020 08:24 by Magnus Tvedt
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Image by flyupmike from Pixabay

Equinor’s online vendor day gave valuable insights to working with this Norwegian giant on moving forward in technology and workflows. And their message on standardization is clear: improve the overall process. They optimize how they work by standardizing on well equipment and workflows, so learnings can easily be shared across fields and teams.

It’s a fact that we work best when we have boundaries. Too many options and details make it hard for us to concentrate, and we whirl around in uncertainty. A bird is free to fly everywhere but seeks into a small confined room for the most essential task of bringing on new generations.

When it comes to standardization, the Equinor EVP Geir Tungesvik used drilling technology as an example of where it is better to improve the overall process than to improve a detailed tool (a drilling bit in his example). A perfect match with the Pro Well Plan platform.

KPI's, Risks, Standards in the Pro Well Plan platform

With Pro Well Plan, you get standardized KPI’s for all projects, and the reporting is done automatically. Not only that, but you can also utilize corporate standards in well designs, which help engineers know when they are leaving the standard, and the management can work on improving standards where necessary. So many time-thieves are solved in the process, there is no going back when you have started.

You can compare days planned, risks, CO2 emissions, and more, in easy to read charts or full detail. The best part is that all the reporting comes for free when the work is done. And the risk matrix is populated with calculated risks from the users, through the network, or by technical evaluations. You benchmark your wells with a transparent selection of offsets.

Transparency is the word they were converging towards in the Equinor vendor day. Knowing what your colleagues are working on, how they standardize. An open platform where planned and historic wells are used for QC and collaborative well planning.

This is Equinor and Pro Well Plan in partnership!

This news post is written by Magnus Tvedt, the CEO, and founder of Pro Well Plan. After 10 years of international well planning, he started his own company to spur collaboration and standardization and save billions of dollars in the drilling and well industry.

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