Pay per use and free development

Don't want to pay for software that is not being used? Our business model places all risk on us - and gives you free development.

Posted 19.08.2020 02:50 by Magnus Tvedt
Pay per use sm

Image by fernweh folks from Pixabay

Think of all the software you have available. How many of them update weekly or monthly with new features. And what about the last meeting you had with the development team, did they listen to your needs?

With Pro Well Plan you get a living product. We are challenged by our users on data quality issues and on features, and we continue developing our platform. Because if we don't, we don't get paid.

That is our business model, it gives us a motivation to always improve, and it gives you value in every action.

Not only does it give you value in usage, but you also get development for free. That's another side of our business model, we crowd source needs from our customers, and develop for everyone. So when you have a need which is of general interest in well planning, we put it in our sprints, and let you know when it is ready.

We think this is how every modern platform company should be run, it's good for the customer and it's good for us.

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