How many discussions at lunch are killed by a google search? The time as come to put a lid on overly secure well discussions.

Posted 03.06.2020 10:33 by Magnus Tvedt
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Wonder how long time it takes to search for all wells drilled through the Skade Formation with more than 30 degrees inclination, with 12 1/4" bit and cased with a 9 5/8" casing between 2010 and 2015, where the gamma ray was below 60 API and the ROP above 50? Well, it takes a few seconds to type it all in, but after that, we are counting microseconds. Check out the video below for a demo.

With the search engine you can quickly document if your plans have historic references or if you are exploring new grounds. For the first time in the history, you can actually document every decision you make, down to the formation you set casing in, length of each section, log details, fluid data, trajectories and more. In fact, our platform is so flexible and advanced that we can take in any data set you've got and make it available for you to browse and search.

Are you sure you have never drilled through that formation with that inclination before?

Are you sure the gamma ray was the same at the well you picked that fluid experience from?

With our Well Planning platform, you can be sure.

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