Multi-million Completion project with a major Operator and Innovation Norway

During the next year, the Pro Well Plan platform will take another step towards single source data for drilling and completion planning. With our open API and integration work, we provide the ultimate work process for well planning with high-quality data. 

Posted 06.07.2021 11:50 by Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Drilling and completion planning

We keep increasing the data available in the platform, now including Completion data. Detailed tallies, P&A information, equipment info, fluid data and more. We keep developing work processes that, combined with current features in the software; auto-generation of reports, machine learning models, presentation view and more, will present the ultimate process for planning. Focus on high-quality data, an updated risk matrix and make the optimized drilling and completion plan for your well.

Database overview

Above is an illustration of some of the databases we are ingesting today. When the data is processed through our unique quality control, engineers get access to the highest quality data in the industry. With high-quality data, there are no limits on what can be produced and planned.

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