With the new release approaching on 15th October, we are introducing integrations to Drilling Performance Reviews (Rushmore Data) and Non-Productive Time Events (EDM reporting data). Drilling Performance Reviews are primarily used to benchmark and quality check time and cost estimates for planned wells.

Posted 03.06.2020 10:27 by Juan Gonzalez
NPT multi

The shared data is used by operators for years and has helped them plan better wells. Non-Productive Time accounts for a high percentage of drilling operation costs and can cripple any drilling program. Hence it becomes increasingly important to analyze NPT for offset wells while planning new wells.

The above features add to our software’s capability to analyze important datasets in the offset well-planning stage and build on experience transfer.

Figure 1 (below) shows the overview of NPT in multi analysis view for three different wellbores. The events are categorised into different categories like Well Control, Casing, Cement etc.


Once a user has got an overview of NPT events of multiple wellbores and wants to dig deeper into a specific wellbore, he/she can go to a specific wellbore and go through the comments written during the live operations (Figure 2).


The npt events and wellbores relevant for your current wellbore can then be grouped together for further analysis and be brought to the next stage of preliminary well design(s).

A similar analysis can be done with time-depth data imported from DPR. The figure shows the time-depth curve of multiple wellbores in multi analysis view.


With the above integrations, we will be enabling a range of machine learning models that will use time-depth data and multiple other data sources that will provide you answers by scanning through thousands of wells in a matter of seconds. Stay Tuned!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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