Automatically updating reports

Yes, we can auto-populate your spreadsheets and create your plots with the data you need. Just keep reading! 👇

Yes, we can also send the data directly to your databases, to your internally developed tools or your third-party tools.
See the illustration at the bottom and feel free to reach out to know more about the integrated process. 

Posted 02.09.2021 09:43 by Cathrine Tangerås Eide

Imagine a work process where you can focus on optimizing your design, dig deep into your offset analyses and don't need to spend weeks updating other tools and reports? That's where we fit in.

One pager article

For any historical well or the well you are designing - get a full-page schematic which sums it all up.

We never lock in your data, neither your historical data nor the data of your planned wells. With a modern workflow, we export it through API calls, or you can export it as spreadsheets.

Section, geology, pressure, trajectory, time/depth or NPT data - autogenerated spreadsheets or auto-updated databases/tools.

Section data download

For documentation to the government, like Well Containment Screening Tool - Autogenerated.

WCST download
Wcst result

And for the Maximum Anticipated Wellhead Pressure - we got it.

MWAP bhp
Mwap gas mud

This is a sample of what you get autogenerated with us.

Food for thought - what do you think about this workflow illustration?
Which flow would you like to take?

Simplified workflow illustration 1

Contact us and we can discuss how we can contribute to your digital integrated strategy.

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