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Posted 07.01.2019 08:57 by Cathrine Eide

What can we do for you?

The engineers are experts in their field, but without the proper tool, they are not able to apply their full potential. By taking the step into the digital era, the engineers will be able to evolve their skills in record speed, continuously improve the work process and every engineer is able to plan a well based on the entire company's combined experience.

World First Data Driven, Machine Learning Well Planning Software

Our data-driven well planning process is in constant development. Now we release the next version which is machine learning driven, it provides you with answers and we make sure the work and experience stay within the company. This is the digital way of performing the ‘Drill Well On Paper’, with the possibility to plan for several designs. For every change to the well design, the technical calculations are automatically updated and you will get answers in seconds.

‘How is the kick tolerance with a slimmer design?’

‘What about the mud margins?’

‘Has any other well been drilled with this angle through this formation?’

Sound interesting? Contact us for more information or to book a demonstration of the software.


In addition you should check out how we digitized the Drill Well on Paper process


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The Team

Pro Well Plan AS is based in Bergen, Oslo and
Magnus Tvedt
CEO Magnus Tvedt
Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
CTO Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Project Manager Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Khushal Adlakha
Data Scientist Khushal Adlakha
Torgeir Lassen
CFO Torgeir Lassen
Eirik Lyngvi
Software Developer Eirik Lyngvi

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