New integrations and engineering features

Posted 27.07.2019 14:15 by Magnus Tvedt

New integrations and engineering features

Pro Well Plan host the worlds most advanced well planning platform, integrating all relevant datasets for data-driven decisions. You make decisions supported by the data and analyse scenarios.

Together with Shells ambitious Wells team, we have implemented more data sets in one platform than ever before over the last six months. And our platform is available for everyone. We introduce integrations to Rushmore data, EDM reporting, and other time / text event datasets for all our users.

Now, after three years of existence we proudly offer our services with four major oil companies. ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Aker BP and Shell have brought well planning to a new level of efficiency, with integrations, development, technical discussions and machine learning projects.

Speaking of Machine Learning. Our live models show similarity between wells on different parameters and guide the engineers and managers to experience transfer in seconds, not months. And we will introduce more exiting features over the next few months.

Not only do we boost analysis and enable real experience transfer in well planning, we also automate engineering. A preliminary well design with torque and drag, ECD, pipe loads and mud volumes are calculated for all sections in seconds. You drag and drop, we do the heavy lifting. Then you make another design and compare.

And this is only the beginning, no-one have explored all the opportunities machine learning and new work processes enable in well planning, but we have some pretty mind blowing ideas coming your way. Yes, we did automate the risk matrix, and all the data is available through our API as a microservice to other parent processes.

We know that improving well planning can cut well costs in half, and we are building bit by bit to get there.

If you are an E&P company, that's a 25% bottom line boost per year. You're welcome :)

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