Drill Well in Silico

Posted 03.01.2019 14:35 by Eirik Lyngvi

Drill Well in Silico

(Some images are screenshots from our software, while the cruder ones provide a glimpse into our extensive backlog of features ready for the design team to implement)

From lengthy meetings to creative value generation

The Drill Well On Paper-exercise will forever change, as rather than discussing one solution, engineers can prepare several designs, weight them against each other, and perform live tweaks, while the technical calculations, analyses and risk assessments are updated in seconds.

Introducing Kelly, the WellBot

Kelly performs quick analyses and presents crucial information about any well. Potential risk elements are categorized but their severity. First, a glance at the wellpath:


Further, every Section is analyzed in a similar, more detailed manner:


For every Section you create, all necessary Operations are automatically generated, again with their own Risk analysis provided by Kelly, this time related to the forces acting on the drill string, pressures in the well bore and more.

Every operation is accompanied by the necessary technical calculations, key data and intuitive visualizations, showing the forces acting on the drill string, and how far from yield it is.

Multiple cases in discussion? Make a copy

Suggestions can be screened instantly, and a decision can be reached with confidence.

Worried about whether a 5” K-55 drill pipe is going to hold through the horizontal section?


Consider upgrading to 5” S-125:


Or: Make a quick copy of the design and change to a 6 5/8” K-55 pipe instead:


This has been a glimpse of the future as we envision it here in Pro Well Plan. Stay tuned for our product launch in January ‘19, and a plethora of beautiful, mind-blowing, problem-solving, answer-providing, workflow-enhancing, process-disrupting features to be implemented in the coming weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or a demo.

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The Team

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