Release of the Pro Well Map and Pro Well Planner

Posted 18.01.2018 00:56 by Magnus Tvedt

Release of the Pro Well Map and Pro Well Planner

Meet our two first products, the Pro Well Map and the Pro Well Planner. Analyze, design, explore and share wells. Our software lets you grow as an engineer, manage with insight and share your expertise.

Up-Front Decision Making 

You will experience fast and reliable analyses and visual guidance throughout your decision making. 

Conclude in meetings based on data and a common understanding of the well you are planning, and avoid uncomfortable reruns and meetings.

Our tools provide a data driven work process for well planning.

Modern Workflow

We believe in serving the users decisions rather than data. Our user studies show that well planners need tools for making complex analyses and big picture decisions. 

With our test users we have prioritized:

  • Easy visualization of experiences
  • Searchable well data
  • Report generation
  • Modern features like machine learning
  • User sharing of wells and projects
  • Efficient data storage
  • Top-Down work processes for big impact decisions 

Read More About the Products:

Product: Pro Well Map

Empowers the oil companies with automated well planning. Engineers and managers optimize well designs and operations, Pro Well Plan serves the options and solutions.

Product: Pro Well Planner

The Pro Well Planner allows beginners and experts to:
- Design wells in seconds from the Pro Well Map
- Build on existing wells
- Compare your well with offset wells
- Drag and drop to optimize well design
- Use experience from thousands of wells
- Create reports for commercial and technical reviews and decisions - Quickly design wells and keep them available for sharing and discussion.

Release Party on February 1st

Would you like to meet our team, and give us the pleasure of your presence? 

We are hosting an informal release party.

What: Release Party / Meet the Team

Where: Nyskapningsparken, 2nd floor above Vil Vite, Bergen

When: Thursday, February 1st @ 2 - 3 pm

We serve coffee and a snack, and look forward to seeing you!

Release Video

In the video below you can see an open interview with our CEO, answering questions from the Pro Well Plan team.

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The Team

Pro Well Plan AS is based in Bergen, Oslo and
Magnus Tvedt
CEO Magnus Tvedt
Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
CTO Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Project Manager Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Khushal Adlakha
Data Scientist Khushal Adlakha
Torgeir Lassen
CFO Torgeir Lassen
Eirik Lyngvi
Software Developer Eirik Lyngvi

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