Product: Pro Well Planner

Posted 18.01.2018 11:45 by Magnus Tvedt

Product: Pro Well Planner

The Pro Well Planner allows beginners and experts to:

  • Design wells in seconds from the Pro Well Map
  • Build on existing wells
  • Compare your well with offset wells
  • Drag and drop to optimum well design
  • Use experience from thousands of wells
  • Create reports for commercial and technical reviews and decisions

Fast Implementation of Changes in Well Design

When you have screened offset wells you need a tool for quickly designing wells and keep them available for sharing and discussion. With the Pro Well Planner you can drag and drop to change:

  • Geology (Groups, Formations)
  • Pressures
  • Sections
  • Well paths
  • Operations

Offset wells are available throughout the process, giving you the support you need in the well planning process.

Make Wells Available

You are probably familiar with data in tables and databases. We think that every data point has a natural graphical presentation. The Pro Well Planner lets you experience well planning data in new ways. You simplify communication and can spend more time on diving into details.

Wells can be shared with your colleagues, and you can quickly make duplicate well designs to explore different alternatives.

… even With the Lights Off:

A well known problem in the industry is that data is available only when the experts are on the ball. As soon as they are moving to a new project, it takes time and resources to get back into the well, because the well data is stored in bits and pieces in specialist applications.

The Pro Well Planner gives all users access to top down visualization, where you start with the most general data, and then dive further into more details. This way you can always access the plan or status of a well, without time consuming and costly re-heats of projects.

The Latest and Official Data

Our customer studies have shown that if you always are updated on the latest section depths, formation depths, well paths and pressures, well planners save weeks in an early phase project. Looking for the status of a previous well? It's right there.

The Pro Well Planner is designed around sharing the most important data, enabling everyone to be updated on what is the latest change, and work on different well designs in parallel.

Well Designs in Minutes

Speed is important in any modern software. We want our users to explore different well designs, perform analyses on formations and pressures, present some findings for their colleagues, and then have lunch.

With our unique well planning process and the support of cloud computing, you can make the best decisions and set high expectations and spend your time on engineering and designing for well performance.

(Almost) No Typing

Yes, you heard us, no typing. Reports are auto generated based on real data. Wells are designed based on parameters. Machine learning categorizes written history and provides parameters.

You get a workflow fully based on data and parameters. Our user studies show that this feature alone can save a team of well planners up to a month per project in early phase well planning.

When you have text reports you want our machine learning search engines to handle, we import your text and make it available for you.

Maps, 3D, Multi-Laterals, Pore Pressures

Making decisions is about seeing the big picture, and with the Pro Well Planner you get visuals designed for well planning.

Everything is interactive, pore pressure plots, well paths, sections, geology and operations.

In Pro Well Plan we believe that well improvements are only possible through changing the work process, and that is why we have invested heavily in user interviews and product piloting.

Visual Quality Check

When your work process consists of meetings, word documents, power point presentations and excel sheets, you have a hard time verifying that the data used is the correct data. This leads to more documents, more meetings, more people involved, and higher risk of making decisions on wrong data or poor version control.

In the Pro Well Planner, you see all data in one view. The work process guides and supports the user in the most important and broadest decisions. Then you dive further into the details.

Bringing together data from different sources, like geologists, reservoir engineers, drilling engineers and completion engineers, you get visual inspections of all data.

Depth to Time Conversion

The drilling and completion engineers' task is primarily to convert depth data to operations. Geology, pressures, equipment and experiences all sum up to an operation plan supported by technical analyses.

In the Pro Well Planner we do the conversion for you based on well design selections. As a user you make your choices like:

  • Platform or subsea well
  • Sidetrack or new well
  • Plug and abandonment strategy
  • Offset wells
  • Horizontal or Vertical production trees

And the Pro Well Planner provides you with instant time-depth curves and operational plans.

Well Barrier Overview

The single most important thing when considering the safety of a well during any phase of the operations is to understand the potential of uncontrolled hydrocarbons flowing in the well.

The Pro Well Planner gives you the barrier situation for reservoir operations such as drilling completions and plug and abandonment, so you can spend time on optimizing the operations for safety and performance.

Well Planning History

The Pro Well Planner shows you how your project has developed, from a brief sketch in a meeting to a detailed report for concept selection and commercial decisions.

Reports and Sharing

Understanding the multiple roles involved in well planning and all the expertise which makes up a well plan is essential in our work process. To ensure efficient discussions and fast information sharing, we provide sharing of projects and views, as well as reports in pdf format. Specialized Excel reports can be implemented upon customer request.

Version Control and Active Wells

Familiar with git? We let users and managers control which project, well, and well design is the active and verified. We store the history and let the users work on copies of committed versions. Got a new target from the reservoir team? Update the well planner with a new well path, and commit it as the active well path. If you have another well design you are working on, you will get a flag if you are deviating from the committed version. A click of a button copies in the correct wellpath.

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