Product: Pro Well Map

Posted 18.01.2018 10:27 by Magnus Tvedt

Product: Pro Well Map

You need a simple and user friendly well analysis experience. As an experienced well planner or an explorationist looking to slay costs for your upcoming wells, the Pro Well Map gives you the insight and work process you need.

Search and Analyse Well Data

The Pro Well Map allows you to:

  • Search in well data for thousands of NCS wells
  • Visualise wells with a fast and efficient work process
  • Perform single well or multi-well offset analyses
  • Create Offset Well reports to share
  • Create new wells for detail analyses in the Pro Well Planner

New to well planning? The Pro Well Map provides you with the insight and work process you need to plan wells like the pros in an early phase, and give you a foundation to build on as the project matures.

Machine Learning Support in Offset Well Analysis

When you browse the Pro Well Map, you are aided by machine learning to get the big picture of the well you are planning. 

Find formations and depths, search for incidents, see multi-well comparisons. 

Cloud computing powers and machine learning show you a few hints you can share in the next meeting, or live with your colleagues.

Search for Data

Well data is available through our search engines, so your job is to choose the right scenarios and store them to your project. 

Our algorithms and machine learning expertise allow for instant access to data - no need to exit this, log in there, wait for that. The data you need for well analyses is available.

Loaded With Data, Ready for Yours

The Pro Well Map and Pro Well Planner are loaded with experience from NCS operations, geology, pressures, casings, fluids and more. You can start exploring from day one.

We can also take in your own well data (from anywhere in the world), and include these wells in searches and well planning. Quickly upload your data or get help from our experts, and see how analyses and estimates change.

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Our product experts are ready to show you how it works and give you a free trial, contact Cathrine or Eirik to book a demo.

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