Now Available - Easy start to Machine Learning Projects in Well Planning

Posted 18.08.2018 11:44 by Magnus Tvedt

Now Available - Easy start to Machine Learning Projects in Well Planning

^^Example of machine learning results with more than 1000 development wells in NCS^^

Curious of how drilling problems are distributed across fields, areas, formations, temperature ranges, depths, trajectories, operators or any other metric? 

We have capacity to take on data science and machine learning projects for drilling and well in September and October. Send us an email and we arrange a meeting to get your started.

What is Machine Learning and how does it apply to well planning?

Machine Learning has changed marketing, medicine and all sorts of customer products with deep insight and pattern recognition. Now, Machine Learning is available for Well Planning with Pro Well Plan. Machine Learning is a very strong tool to find patterns in data and bring together large amounts of data to strong conclusions.

Our models can be tweaked and fine tuned to find exactly the answer you are looking for. To make sure we give you the correct answer we have developed our own special platform for drilling and well data, and we are investing to be the worlds best data science team in well planning.

Pro Well Platform

Are you looking for software which accumulate your experience and use machine learning for automating your best studies across all your projects? Our Pro Well Map is loaded with artificial intelligence which give you all the answers you are looking for. Our well planning platform give you answers and save you the time of plundering with old fashioned software. Aren't you tired of never ending inputs only to verify your assumptions? 

Pro Well Plan platform products give you answers - quickly.

Pro Well Projects

Want to compare how angles through formations in certain temperature ranges affect the rate of penetration? Or are you looking for an in-depth study of correlations based on your experience, to verify or cancel an assumption? 

Finally, you get a tool which never overloads on data, can be shared, and inspire you to keep searching for more insight. We'll give you the answer in a special project where we utilize your data, or we can use our extensive database of drilling logs and geology descriptions.

Keep reading to see how you can start your own work where our project ends.

How does a Machine Learning project work, do I need to learn a lot of new advanced IT?

As a customer of Pro Well Plan, you get answers. We take pride in finding the best answers to your problems, and we investigate the customers problems thoroughly before a project starts. That way we are sure that the result is what the customer expects. This is typically done in one or two meetings and some clarification questions - easy.

Relax, we already have loads of data :)

Then we start working on the analysis and building models. Our machine learning models work with all relevant well data, and can be customized to any metric there is data for. Typically a project includes

  • lithology
  • well paths
  • drilling logs
  • cement logs
  • equipment types and experiences
  • locations
  • rig operations
  • rig specs, and
  • fluid systems

The duration of a project is typically a month or two, and we will work independently. If we have findings or issues we think can alter the value of the results, we will bring up a discussion. Then we hold a presentation where we go through the results and answer any questions. A report will be delivered with all the figures and description of findings.

Getting back to our initial question: no, Machine Learning projects and analysis are easy to use with Pro Well Plan, either through or intuitive platform packages, or through a project we do for you. 

Get started now to explore opportunities and find hidden secrets in the data! Send Cathrine an email at and she will call you back for a positive onboarding.

Can results of a Machine Learning project be implemented in our daily work?

Absolutely, and that is what our data science product Pro Well Map is made to do. The Pro Well Map has an intuitive work process where you have your studies and searches available, and the history of the wells you have worked on. For every issue you consider in well planning, there are always data from other wells which give answers, and that is what the Pro Well Map serve you - quickly and easily

And if I want to continue working where a Machine Learning project left off?

We got that covered to, our Pro Well Analytics is a python based scripting tool where all our functionality and your studies are available through api-calls.

This means that a Machine Learning project with Pro Well Plan can be a kick off for your own studies, and you don't have to stop and wait for a new project to continue your studies.

Contact us now for a demo of our software or to get started with a study - we have capacity in September and October!

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