Above Expectations - Data Science Course for Drilling and Well Experts

Posted 15.03.2018 08:25 by Magnus Tvedt

Above Expectations - Data Science Course for Drilling and Well Experts

Here is a quote from one of our course participants from AkerBP, the worlds most ambitious oil company:

The course is spot on and covers a surprisingly wide array of topics.
The course delivers above expectations

For us, it was amazing to see how quickly the drilling and well experts adopted modern software technology and were inspired to take on new challenges.

The Most Important Course for Drilling and Well Experts

(which you didn't know you need)

Data science is everywhere, and for drilling and well experts, it means extracting operational and technical experience from data. The latest developments in data analytics give you access to industry insight and domain knowledge like you have never seen it before - if you know how to use the tools.

As a drilling and well professional, you are probably attending one or two courses each year within your technical domain, we suggest you add a data science course, where you invest in yourself and jump start your digital career.

Combining Domain Knowledge and Data Expertise

In our data science course for drilling and well experts, you invest a full day in developing skills for tomorrow, and you are trained by professionals who do this for a living. Our company is founded on the idea of combining domain knowledge and data expertise, and that is what we share with you in this course.

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We offer training for individuals and groups up to six people, where you get to do all the work yourself. If you book a full course, we will come to your office, or you can join as an individual at our planned courses.

International requests are welcome.

Send an email to training@prowellplan.com to get more information and sign up for the course.

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