The Million Life Cat

Posted 16.10.2017 13:01 by Magnus Tvedt

Within 24 hours, absolutely every problem in drilling and completion operations is solved

Within 24 hours, absolutely every problem in drilling and completion operations is solved.

This is the third blog in a series of five posts on how we can cut the cost and improve the precision in Drilling and Well operations.

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  • Data - Like the Pusher Loves His (Drill) Pipe

A specialty tool travels across continents, a production tree with 18 months delivery time is ready, or contingency sidetrack tools are mobilized. No matter how unpredictable the geology is or how rough the seas are, we will be ready to operate within twenty four hours. No matter what is thrown of uncertainties and events, the operational cat always lands on its feet.

But do we treat our cat with the respect we should? Let's have a closer look at our cat, the drilling and completions operations.

Big machines perform all the daily tasks, tripping - in and out of the well, rotating to the right, and pump fluids. Thousands of horses (in terms of power) hoist, push and maneuver tons and tons of steel and fluids every day. But unlike a car factory, like a Mercedes or Audi plant, the machines are not considered the end user.

In offshore drilling and completion operations, a thick layer of humans are surrounding the machines and their flow of data and hydraulic fluids. The crews make decisions based on manual and digital observations, maintain machines, and physically control the machines. The machines often run slowly to ensure safe handling in the hands of a human operator.

If the deck of machines has shortcomings, a person or a group of them, can always step in and fix any interface challenge, and ensure the flexibility that hallmarks the industry. Drilling bits are torqued up with tongs, control lines are clamped to the tubing string by three guys and a long torque rod, and safety subs are stabbed into a drill string. Manually.

 And this crew of people make out or cat, which always land on her feet.

Back to the Mercedes production line. Flexibility has long been replaced by precision. No human can step in and change a production line - 'no wait, why don't we put big wings on these ten cars and se how they sell?'. Every operation is planned in detail, and the infrastructure is set up for building maximum quality for minimum investment. And in such a precision line up, the machines become the end user of any plan, not the people who run them.

If we want to move forward, and drill fast, safe and cheap wells, we must take some excitement out of the cats life, and move our focus into precision planning, and remember that the end user is in fact machines, and not people.

Startups like Pro Well Plan are guiding stars for the industry, combining drilling expertise with modern web technologies, enabling and creating data based well designs and plans, where the end user is in focus from concept to operation.

If our cat didn't fall off a cliff every day, it would be a smarter and more achieving animal

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