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Posted 20.10.2017 12:56 by Magnus Tvedt

Costs halved, Risks decimated, Engineers liberated‬.

Pro Well Plan AS’ software is standing on the shoulders of giants, introducing modern graphic workflows and data analysis to make tomorrows well planning software. By automating technical calculations and simplifying the project management, we create a new - digital - work process for well planning and operations.

Director for drilling and well in oil company Aker BP, Anders Haavik, said in a news statement:

’We have much of the same work process today as ten years ago [...] We believe that the oil industry will go through major changes during the next two to five years. Entrepreneurial companies as Pro Well Plan can be an important catalyst for digital development and machine learning.’

By aiming at the core of decision making in the industry through early phase planning to daily operations, Pro Well Plan’s software raises the bar for well planning, enabling drilling rigs to utilize more advanced machines and service providers to fully utilize their new technology.

The first product will have an early release at the Web Summit in 2017, and is scheduled to launch in January 2018.

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The Team

Pro Well Plan AS is based in Bergen, Oslo and
Magnus Tvedt
CEO Magnus Tvedt
Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
CTO Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Project Manager Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Khushal Adlakha
Data Scientist Khushal Adlakha
Torgeir Lassen
CFO Torgeir Lassen
Eirik Lyngvi
Software Developer Eirik Lyngvi

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