Roll Out the Red Carpet to See More Stars

Posted 16.10.2017 13:02 by Magnus Tvedt

Our carpet of decisions is rolled up in the last twenty four hours before rotating to the right

 Our carpet of decisions is rolled up in the last twenty four hours before rotating to the right. To increase precision and efficiency, the carpet must be rolled out and take on star decisions based on data and algorithms in earlier phases

This is the fourth blog in a series of six posts on how we can cut the cost and improve the precision in Drilling and Well operations.

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You can bring a tool up on drill floor that doesn't match the threads on the previous, and we will fix it. Flexibility. The well program can lack details on mud properties for the 17 1/2" section, no problem. Flexibility. The efficiency of the planned operation can be detailed down to seconds, errr. Precision?

As drilling and well operations have moved from pioneering to repetitive operations, we have not taken out the potential in industrial planning and operations. We should be making plans down to every potential outcome of our operations, history match them and give them a statistical risk, with possibility and consequence.

By rolling out the red carpet of decisions, we can bring in the most talented professionals in a quiet room without alarms and mud. Have them look at data, correlate the algorithms, and make plans. They should make plans so detailed, that every second on the rig will be constructive feed back for the next well or section. Because you can compare the performance to the plan.

So, combining a stronger plan with the respect for a digital end user, embrace the data and love your algorithms, we are almost there: to cut the drilling costs by a half, and double the performance.

Follow us in the next post, where we talk about controlling uncertainties.

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