Rig Company - The Digital Transformation

Posted 28.11.2017 07:21 by Magnus Tvedt

Rig Company - The Digital Transformation

You are a manager in a rig company, you have a daily fight to keep the lights on and avoid layoffs. Then you are told to digitalize. And you ask yourself why? Read on to learn opportunities and get a head start and become curious about more information.Perhaps a workshop is the right place to start?

We will tell you what you need to know about:

 - Improving Maintenance Planning, and

 - Converting Operational Experience to Revenue

From automating well planning we have learned the limitations of drilling and well operations, and we have become the number one source of digital well planning on the web. Read on to bring your next strategy meeting to new highs.

Starting with Experience transfer:

Rig Companies are There Every Day, All The Time

As the heading implies, you as a rig manager have access to the most significant decisions for the bottom line of your customers. You provide a rig made of steel with some machine on it, but equally important are the advice you provide to your customers through the crews on the rigs. These crews are involved in operations ranging from subsea equipment handling and heavy lifts through machine maintenance, to the latest of technology in drilling and well.

Capitalizing on the operational experience is the big forgotten value of your company. Imagine if the oil companies, your customers knew everything your crews experience first hand every day.

If your business strategy is solely focused on maintenance, you are missing the value of digital transformation

So how can you convert your operational experience into  valuable income? Read on to learn more.

Maintenance Optimized for the Well Plan

Imagine being able to plan the maintenance of pumps, top drive and hydraulics when the rig is working full tilt, without any interference. Full flexibility and optimum performance is what you can achieve when you control the well plan.

Say you need to know when the ext time you have four hours without pumping activity, because you need to replace some bushings. Instead of having to meet with the drilling supervisor and spend time looking for time gaps in word documents and excel sheets, you can look up the operational plans yourself, and optimize based on real well plans.

Modern well planning software combine rig and well parameters to optimize the well cost, giving you the benefit to see all the planned operations for the rig, including the expected performance.

Would your like to have a saying in the well plans to optimize your maintenance? We can improve the scheduling to make the operational plans better for you and your customer.

Please contact us for more information, we are always expecting a call or an email.

Workshop: Get Started on Digitalization

To get you started on your digital voyage, we offer workshops where we meet with your executive board. What we do in the workshop is

 - make a three step plan to achieve your goals

 - outline the most valuable business potentials for you

 - give you feedback on your organizations readiness

 - share market insight

Please email us at info@prowellplan.com to get the workshop agenda.

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