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Posted 16.10.2017 13:12 by Magnus Tvedt

First day at ONS; we see a lot of fancy hardware, and take a look at how the software follows suit.

Big screen, big screen on the wall, who has the brightest graphics of them all?

The oil industry is known for not holding back on glossy pages, and ONS is the magazine showcasing it all. On every booth hangs a huge screen or a big light wall showcasing the latest in digital advertisements.

With a smile we pat ourselves on the back; we finally got out of our puberty. Not a naked lady to be seen in the conference area. Advanced animations are the image of success today, and we appreciate the move towards content marketing.

Most companies are still promoting their hardware, and the functionality of the hardware. Some have their software up on the wall, if that is what they are selling, but the Apple principle of selling great hardware with great software isn't widely worshiped in the exhibition area.

And isn't a great user experience what we all want when we buy something? As personal shoppers, we hive for the latest in tv-interactions, mobile phone menu layouts and intuitive apps. If the ONS tells us one thing about oilfield procurements, it is that the end user is not the same as the purchaser.

And the end user get's a word document with lots of blanks

The first day at ONS is inspiring in terms of content and mindsets, but many could benefit from providing software for the end user that provides an excellent user experience.

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