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Posted 16.10.2017 13:08 by Magnus Tvedt

You hire the best people, but how do you treat your software?

Modern industry is all about data ownership and algorithm development. That's why your custom software should grow with you

To grow in the Digital Oilfield, we need tools that are dynamic and personal. The trend is turning away from large mega-calculators that can do everything, but requires an expert team to use. Modern software has a Lean approach with the end user in focus, and make a team or an individual faster and more precise, rather than an input-output machine.

A decade or two ago there was a rapid growth for companies that developed visual calculators which replaced traditional pen and paper exercises, or advanced spreadsheet operations. Their software was developed with technical features in mind, and user interfaces came last in a series of technical priorities. The result is an industry with many consultants who specialize in supporting the software.

Using stock software from a large provider is like basing your operations on consultants, and can undermine the growth of quality work in your organization. When engineers spend most their work hours in a sofware package from a third party, they are becoming good users of a software, instead of working on how to improve their efficiency in technical and productive tasks.

How you treat your software should be considered like how you treat your best people. A good software can substitute traditional labour, and make every employee work at maximum performance. You don't hire a world class professional and expect her to repeat what she already knows, you want great talent to grow and prosper more opportunities for your company. The same goes for software. If you use software custom generated for you and your work processes, you develop it to grow with your company.

The rewards of having custom software as base for your operations are

  • Better integration of work processes
  • More motivated employees
  • Quick turnaround when the market changes

So to keep up with trends in the industry and prepare for the Digital Oilfield, you should consider how strong your workforce and software is combined, not look at the two separatly. Traditional organization development have been focused on people and software as two discrete units. In modern, digital, operations, the two are merging to one functionality, where the weakest link often is in the interface between the two

So spend some time this summer on thinking how your organization can be more efficient with custom software, the sky is the limit.

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