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Posted 16.10.2017 13:05 by Magnus Tvedt

We meet, discuss, bring out some experiences from our memory, agree and conclude. There is more power in digital experience transfer

We meet, discuss, bring out some experiences from our memory, agree and conclude. There is more power in digital experience transfer

This is the last blog in a series of six posts in an essay on how we can recast the Drilling and Well industry to the digital era:

  • How to Fly Your Drilling Project at Twenty Bucks, No Wizardry
  • Data - Like the Pusher Loves His (Drill) Pipe
  • The Million Life Cat
  • Roll Out the Red Carpet to See More Stars
  • The Truth is Down There

In a speech a previous CEO of Statoil, Helge Lund told me that experience transfer was the most important thing we do at work. He came from an industry where you would always answer the phone and give your best advice when someone from your company called with a new challenge at hands. At the moment it sounded a little out-dated for me, as I mostly orchestrated my discussions with colleagues over emails and chat rooms, but the message was strong: we need to build common skills, let everyone access the best thoughts.

It has taken me a while to figure out the catch with experience transfer, and how we work smartest - together. First, collaboration is most valuable when all parties have something unique to contribute with, preferably something specially prepared for the matter. Secondly, when we rely on our memories as facts, we do all sorts of amazing repetitive mistakes. Do not let your brain fool you, it will always come up with a brilliant solution where all the dots are connected. Where the brain might skip on facts, it excels at filling in the blanks with sensible-sounding ideas which promotes the owner of the brains intellectual capacity. Lastly, the young generation of oilers struggle with the past principle that she who knows the most is the smartest. Our talents-turning-leaders these days have trained on finding solutions, not knowing the answer. And the industry is still overwhelmingly powered by people and companies knowing the answers, and very few finding solutions.

Let's borrow our minds to another industry, known for being dynamic and tech-heavy, the Silicon Valley potluck of IT. I'll share two links for you, and challenge you to find the analogs for our industry: GitHub and Stack Overflow. These are two webpages with brilliant content made by the users, and boring landing pages. The answer to anything within coding can be found there, and if not, there is a world of enthusiasts eager to post an answer within minutes. Open source platforms are shared, new technologies explored, CV's are written by what you know and what you deliver, by people on the absolute peak of performance.

And that is experience transfer.

In our industry, if you google mud losses in carbonates or how to qualify fittings for HPHT wells, you end up with a static paper written to boost a company or the authors career, the phone number of a sales person for a large service company, or nothing. You will find a beautiful landing page with static content, smiling faces and nice buzz-words, but very limited experience for share.

 In drilling and well, we will start to grow again when we share.

Our industry is nothing but exciting technical challenges, complex fluid models, critical mechanical evaluations, and knife sharp edges of success on the one side and catastrophy on the other. For the longest, challenges have been solved with double safety factors, four times more steel in the walls, bigger rigs, and more people on drill floor.

With the momentum that can be felt in our industry these days, the table is set for experience transfer, data handling, algorithms, precision, performance, unique solutions, cost cuts, robots, apps, smart investments, new actors, and super novas.

Ooooh, there is nothing like a low oil price. Don't fail to grab the opportunities of a good downturn!

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