How to fly your drilling project at twenty bucks, no wizardry

Posted 16.10.2017 12:59 by Magnus Tvedt

I'm reading a book about settlers taking land in USA and Canada around year 1900, when farming efficiency tripled and quadrupled with new machinery in the mechanical industrial revolution.

When my great-grandchildren write their book about the golden days of oil, they will write about the changes that came with the digital industrialization of the oil industry.

Series of six

This is the first blog in a series of six posts on how we can cut the cost and improve the precision in Drilling and Well operations.

The context

When we trade our oil at a lower price than milk, (as we do in Norway), we need to see more appealing capital investment plans than the 50 MUSD offshore wells we drill today. Unfortunately the 100$+ years have softened our aggression for new technology. Maybe today's industrial farmer would think he has something more of a competitive advantage, as he sits down and tweaks the performance of his dairy factory on the computer.

Experience transfer does happen over a cup of coffee and creativity sparks when we bring experts together, but what we need now is to open the doors to modern industrial principles, and look to what the most significant companies in the world are doing. I believe we can make safer and more profitable wells by embracing the powers of the digital industrialization, and it will be fun.

Here is what Pro Well Plan builds on to change the drilling and well industry

  • We must love our data.
  • We must respect the digital end user.
  • We must roll out the red carpet of decisions.
  • We can control all uncertainties.
  • We will be much smarter when we share.

The next five blogs will be about these headings, and we hope you will follow us on this essay of industrialization.

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