Being a Drilling and Well Manager

Posted 07.11.2017 02:00 by Magnus Tvedt

Being a Drilling and Well Manager

Being a drilling and well manager

You are expected to deliver on well plans, and modernize your teams. To succeed in the digital transition, these are the three most important topics for you:

  • Earlier Decision Making
  • New Work Processes
  • Analytics and Machine Learning

This blog give you insight you need for an efficient transfer to a digital work force. We will show how you can build a modern organization with skilled and motivated employees.

We share our experience in digital well planning and the implementation of this in the oil companies. This is what we have built our company on, and we have received praise from the industry, made opportunities for top managers in our business, and built a highly valued software company on.

What is the Drilling Manager job like?

Now if you are a drilling and well manager, you have probably climbed the ladder in an oil company, and you have statistically spent most of your career in an oil company. You have a proven talent in well planning and operational decision making, and you are surrounded with colleagues with similar backgrounds, often with incredible technical experience.

Your fellow managers might have worked in other a service company or in another engineering department in an oil company, but when you count your colleagues you won't find much commercial experience from other industries.

Reporting is an essential part of the management role, and when you want a fresh summary of recent events in the operations, you turn to the people around you for their version.

Personal experience in your organization can be measured by how many operations the engineers and managers have been exposed to. You probably agree to that the industry is conservative, and you are inclined to think that new technology more often causes problems than solve them.

Is this you? Keep checking in to read our blog posts. Learn about how a digital work process fits you perfectly. 

We will be launching new blog posts with topics like

  • Goals and KPIs
  • Early Descision Making
  • Reporting and Experience Transfer
  • Drilling Data
  • New Markets
  • Operational Decision Hierarchy
  • Rig Optimization
  • Logistics Improvements

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Are you setting ambitious goals for drilling and well operations?

We made it to TD (bottom of the well) within budget. A work process which let your organization accumulate experience and let your data populate decision is what we should all aim for with digital well planning. That way you will control and apply all your experience to every step of the operation.
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