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API for Engineers

Posted 31.03.2020 10:49 by Khushal Adlakha

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Cut Costs and Add Value

Posted 25.03.2020 09:32 by Magnus Tvedt

Create value less than 6 months. All your well planning data made valuable, and new work processes implemented. Read more

She's ready for the challenge

Posted 16.03.2020 07:52 by Magnus Tvedt

Are there unforeseen events in operations? Rethink your planning and raise the bar for your drilling organization. Read more

Communication, collaboration and experience in one video!

Posted 10.02.2020 12:00 by Cathrine Eide

Can you afford planning one more well without real cross-team collaboration and experience transfer? Read more

Press Release - Shell Contract

Posted 10.02.2020 07:45 by Cathrine Eide

Pilot projects leading up to the implementation of the Pro Well Plan platform Read more

Return of Investment in Well Planning

Posted 31.01.2020 11:01 by Magnus Tvedt

Could you improve operations by improving planning? Read more

Now you shall find

Posted 21.11.2019 20:47 by Magnus Tvedt

With our new search engine, you can search everything, and combined with our experience transfer module and well-planning work processes, you will. Read more

Lost data in well planning

Posted 01.11.2019 15:01 by Magnus Tvedt

Watch this short video to learn about the data we generate and lose in well planning. Read more

Data Sharing Project on NCS

Posted 16.10.2019 08:55 by Magnus Tvedt

Every operator holds their data tight, even if it needs structuring and QC, has no commercial value for the operator, and is limited to a very few wells. What if we share? Read more

SPE Article on Digital Transition

Posted 04.10.2019 05:59 by Magnus Tvedt

What does it mean for engineers and organizations that we are moving to data-driven planning? Are we competing with robots on the wrong terms? Read more

Spreadsheet Deadsheet

Posted 30.09.2019 10:58 by Magnus Tvedt

Steinalderen sluttet ikke fordi vi gikk tom for stein. Hva skjer med regnearkene nå? Read more

Integrations to Rushmore Drilling Performance Review and Reportings from Engineer's Data Model

Posted 30.09.2019 07:19 by Khushal Adlakha

With the new release approaching on 15th October, we are introducing integrations to Drilling Performance Reviews (Rushmore Data) and Non-Productive Time Events (EDM reporting data). Read more

5 min review of ConocoPhillips well 25/7-7 in the North Sea

Posted 05.09.2019 13:15 by Magnus Tvedt

High pressure and high temperature seems to cause sloooow drilling in the really deep abyss. But there are plenty of similar wells to learn from, with stuck incidents. We spent 2 hours to give you this 5 minute review of the ongoing well on NCS. Read more


Posted 29.08.2019 08:47 by Magnus Tvedt

Engineers move around in well-planning projects all the time, with a few easy changes, this can be to the benefit of the company and the engineers learn more. Read more

I just got assigned to this other project

Posted 16.08.2019 06:26 by Magnus Tvedt

Well planning is treated as a luxury, often skimped on due to change of plans and time squeezes. What if we give planners better tools, a structured process, experience transfer and measurable quality indicators? Read more

Open Sourcing our Temperature Model

Posted 06.08.2019 13:34 by Eirik Lyngvi

You have probably worked with temperature models before; soon we will be releasing a free, open project you can contribute to.
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Bringing Life to UK Well Planning Data

Posted 06.08.2019 06:40 by Khushal Adlakha

Recently UK Oil and Gas Authority released 130 terabytes of data, including subsurface data through the National Data Repository (NDR). This gave us a great opportunity to expand our well planning database across the other part of the Norwegian North Sea and to use machine learning algorithms on a huge dataset. Read more

New integrations and engineering features

Posted 27.07.2019 14:15 by Magnus Tvedt

We are introducing new integration opportunities and engineering features. 3 years in, Pro Well Plan has 4 major oil companies on their speed dial and keep spewing out new work processes for well planning. Oh yeah, and we automated the risk matrix. By the way, it's all available through an API. Read more

Operations view

Posted 04.07.2019 13:25 by Eirik Lyngvi

Remember how we said our calculations were super fast? This week we found a way to shave another 95% (!) off the calculation time. NOW they're fast.

What does that mean to you as a user? Read more

Time to Improve, Time for Creativity

Posted 28.05.2019 09:05 by Eirik Lyngvi

How do Data Driven Preliminary Well Designs change the work process and add value for the oil company? ​ Read more

Collaboration with Major Oil and Gas Company on Data Driven Well Planning

Posted 16.05.2019 12:52 by Magnus Tvedt

Major Oil and Gas company's Wells Digitalization team are enthusiastic about opportunities with data-driven well planning and signs a proof of concept contract with Pro Well Plan as Read more

Checklists for your next Department Meeting. How do You Well Data?

Posted 01.04.2019 01:00 by Magnus Tvedt

Are you the leader this industry needs? Checklists for a better organization! Let's have a look at how you treat your most valuable assets ... data! Read more

I think you asked us to search your .pdf's?

Posted 25.03.2019 11:39 by Magnus Tvedt

With our recent break through in machine learning, we can offer that service as a project to early adopters. Read more

Checklists for your next Department Meeting: How do You Work?

Posted 20.03.2019 10:11 by Magnus Tvedt

Are you the leader this industry needs? Checklists for a better organization! Read more

See the Big Picture in Well Planning with Machine Learning

Posted 06.03.2019 19:53 by Magnus Tvedt

Machine learning let you see patterns in enormous datasets. Read how machine learning applies to well planning. Read more

Upcoming events

Posted 04.03.2019 07:00 by Cathrine Eide

We will be participating and arrange different events. Here you can read about our upcoming events. Read more

Product launch!

Posted 07.01.2019 08:57 by Cathrine Eide

Curious of what we can do for you? Check out our product video. This year’s greatest release is at the end of January when Pro Well Plan AS' Data Driven, Machine Learning Supported Well Planning Software hits the market! Read more

Drill Well in Silico

Posted 03.01.2019 14:35 by Eirik Lyngvi

How will the Drill Well On Paper-exercise change when engineers have the opportunity to scan multiple well designs for every imaginable scenario, and test out their hypotheses live in meetings? Read more

Klaff, Equinor 16/5-7 Exploration Well 5 Minute Review [The Race Track]

Posted 02.11.2018 12:17 by Magnus Tvedt

With the eyes of a driller, this is a race track. Read about Klaff, the next Equinor appraisal well in the Johan Sverdrup area, a well set for new records in performance. Read on to follow our 5 minute well review of the soon-to-be-drilled exploration well by Equinor. Read more

Trajectory similarity using Machine Learning

Posted 22.10.2018 11:09 by Cathrine Eide

The latest addition to our Machine Learning portfolio (Video). Read more

Clustering of Wells with Machine Learning

Posted 15.10.2018 09:29 by Magnus Tvedt

Launching the worlds first software with machine learning for Well Analysis (Video) Read more

Rungne 30/6-30 - 5 minute well review

Posted 05.10.2018 09:23 by Magnus Tvedt

Rungne, a prospect is to be drilled by Faroe with partners Lundin and Spirit in 2018. This is a 5 minute review of the exploration well 30/6-30 by data driven well planning. Read more

Score: 8/10 - Our First Machine Learning Project Delivered

Posted 31.08.2018 13:16 by Magnus Tvedt

In the study High Angle Drilling Through Shetland Chalks, Aker BP got a taste of machine learning in well planning. "You solved the problem and provided data for decisions. You stayed on scope and on time." was the feedback from Aker BP. Read more

Now Available - Easy start to Machine Learning Projects in Well Planning

Posted 18.08.2018 11:44 by Magnus Tvedt

Curious of how drilling problems are distributed across fields, areas, formations, temperature ranges, depths, trajectories, operators or any other metric? We have capacity to take on data science and machine learning projects for drilling and well in September and October. Read more

Digitalization and Machine Learning Seminar

Posted 06.06.2018 08:06 by Cathrine Eide

Join us in Stavanger June 20th! Read more

Magnus is interviewed by TV Vest

Posted 11.05.2018 09:21 by Cathrine Eide

TV-Vest visited Nyskapingsparken and Magnus talks about Pro Well Plan and the good environment in Nyskapingsparken. Read more

We have signed a contract with Aker BP

Posted 27.04.2018 07:46 by Cathrine Eide

'We expect that by using PWP, we will reduce the time spent on 'offset analyses' in well planning' Read more

A Well Manufacturing Organization

Posted 10.04.2018 08:39 by Magnus Tvedt

A positive transition to creative engineering. Make your team more creative and go for engineering marvels. Read more

Above Expectations - Data Science Course for Drilling and Well Experts

Posted 15.03.2018 08:25 by Magnus Tvedt

We provide a Data science course for drilling and well experts - above expectations says our customers from AkerBP Read more

Achilles qualified

Posted 01.03.2018 11:31 by Cathrine Eide

We are proud to be Achilles qualified. Read more

A good team can save 500 million NOK

Posted 26.02.2018 16:25 by Magnus Tvedt

Read the interview with Pro Well Plan's CEO Read more

Pro Well Map video introduction

Posted 23.02.2018 10:04 by Cathrine Eide

A short introduction of our Pro Well Map. Read more

How to Prepare for Your First Sales

Posted 15.02.2018 09:13 by Magnus Tvedt

Moving from to development to production and sales for the first time is a moment to make a note of. As a person I have discovered a change of mindset and gained new perspectives on what we do. Read more

Pro Well Plan customer reviews

Posted 12.02.2018 11:13 by Cathrine Eide

Would you like to know what other customers say about our products? Read more

Product: Pro Well Planner

Posted 18.01.2018 11:45 by Magnus Tvedt

Pro Well Planner: Design wells, compare and update. Store, share and learn with all the data at your fingertips. Read more

Product: Pro Well Map

Posted 18.01.2018 10:27 by Magnus Tvedt

Pro Well Map: Search for wells and well data, visualize, simplify offset analyses, create reports and design new wells. Read more

Release of the Pro Well Map and Pro Well Planner

Posted 18.01.2018 00:56 by Magnus Tvedt

Meet our two first products, the Pro Well Map and the Pro Well Planner. Analyze, design, explore and share wells. Our software let you grow as an engineer, manage with insight and share your expertise. Read more

Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Posted 06.01.2018 08:49 by Magnus Tvedt

Pro Well Plan would like to thank BTO, the best startup incubator in Norway, for awarding us the Entrepeneur of the Year prize for 2017. Read more

Design a Well by Clicking the Map

Posted 09.12.2017 18:58 by Magnus Tvedt

Curious about new workflows for well planning? How can data science work for you in evaluating wells? Read more

Rig Company - The Digital Transformation

Posted 28.11.2017 07:21 by Magnus Tvedt

As a manager in a rig company, learn how you can make money on digitalization and place your company in the forefront in times of economic hardship. Read more

Being a Drilling and Well Manager

Posted 07.11.2017 02:00 by Magnus Tvedt

Drilling and Well Manager? Step by Step Learning You Don't Want To Miss! Read more

Goals for Digital Well Planning

Posted 07.11.2017 02:00 by Magnus Tvedt

Are you setting ambitious goals for drilling and well operations? Read more

10 ways to make money on digitalization

Posted 31.10.2017 08:22 by Magnus Tvedt

At the Oslo Rig Conference we presented more than ten ways to make money on digitalization in Drilling and Well. What did we forget? Read more

Web Summit

Posted 20.10.2017 14:00 by Magnus Tvedt

Meet us at Web Summit for a talk on well planning Read more

Press Release

Posted 20.10.2017 12:56 by Magnus Tvedt

Pro Well Plan AS’ software is standing on the shoulders of giants, introducing modern graphic workflows and data analysis to make tomorrows well planning software. By automating technical calculations and simplifying the project management, we create a new - digital - work process for well planning and operations. Read more

What is a Digital Well Plan?

Posted 18.10.2017 13:14 by Magnus Tvedt

Digitalization is on everyone CEO's tongue in the Drilling and Well industry. Service companies wonder how they will show their best tools to the digital well planner. Rig owners wonder how they will match the performance seen in other manufacturing industries Read more

Turnkey Contracts

Posted 16.10.2017 13:16 by Magnus Tvedt

The first well drilled on a turnkey contract will be cheaper, faster, and slimmer. When you get a digital well plan, you are able to control more risk factors and operate with higher margins on equipment, logistics and drilling parameters. Read more

Turning data into better wells

Posted 16.10.2017 13:16 by Magnus Tvedt

Well Planning is one of the most demanding aspects of drilling engineering. In this aspect of the oil and gas industry, the data is spread across different domains and at different locations. Data analysis and machine learning could be used in this process by aiding drilling engineers to design new wells. Read more

ONS, the Softer Side

Posted 16.10.2017 13:12 by Magnus Tvedt

The oil industry is known for not holding back on glossy pages, and ONS is the magazine showcasing it all. On every booth hangs a huge screen or a big light wall showcasing the latest in digital advertisements. Read more

Solving a Well Known Problem

Posted 16.10.2017 13:09 by Magnus Tvedt

Every well plan has loads of data. Some are stored in specialist applications, more stored in excel sheets, and significant data is often found in someone else's work flow. (Isn't is strange how technical parameters can end up in a meeting summary?) When a decision is made somewhere in the ecosystem, how do you make sure everyone knows, and acts accordingly? Read more

Keep the Force Within

Posted 16.10.2017 13:08 by Magnus Tvedt

To grow in the Digital Oilfield, we need tools that are dynamic and personal. The trend is turning away from large mega-calculators that can do everything, but requires an expert team to use. Modern software has a Lean approach with the end user in focus, and make a team or an individual faster and more precise, rather than an input-output machine. Read more

How to save an elephant and get a better board room environment

Posted 16.10.2017 13:07 by Magnus Tvedt

There is a balance in the market today in terms of well technology, plans and rig equipment, and this balance has lasted for decades. But as computer power and machine automation has boosted with Silicon purity and Valley coffee floods, we haven’t taken steps to lift the bar in our industry. Read more

Big data in well planning? Here is what you need to know

Posted 16.10.2017 13:06 by Magnus Tvedt

This article give you the insight you need and useful tips to get the big data working for you. Read more

I Know I Know How

Posted 16.10.2017 13:05 by Magnus Tvedt

Our industry is nothing but exciting technical challenges, complex fluid models, critical mechanical evaluations, and knife sharp edges of success on the one side and catastrophy on the other. Read more

The Truth is Down There

Posted 16.10.2017 13:04 by Magnus Tvedt

AT&T just announced every employer should spend a serious share of outside working hours to learn modern it technology, for the company to have a future. I think the drilling industry need to spend most of their working hours on learning modern technology to brighten the future. Read more

Roll Out the Red Carpet to See More Stars

Posted 16.10.2017 13:02 by Magnus Tvedt

Our carpet of decisions is rolled up in the last twenty four hours before rotating to the right. To increase precision and efficiency, the carpet must be rolled out and take on star decisions based on data and algorithms in earlier phases Read more

The Million Life Cat

Posted 16.10.2017 13:01 by Magnus Tvedt

A specialty tool travels across continents, a production tree with 18 months delivery time is ready, or contingency sidetrack tools are mobilized. No matter how unpredictable the geology is or how rough the seas are, we will be ready to operate within twenty four hours. No matter what is thrown of uncertainties and events, the operational cat always lands on its feet. Read more

Data - Like the Pusher Loves his (Drill) Pipe

Posted 16.10.2017 13:00 by Magnus Tvedt

Data is everywhere. It's in the well plan, it's in the mud, it's in our minds, and too often they are stored in documents. Read more

How to fly your drilling project at twenty bucks, no wizardry

Posted 16.10.2017 12:59 by Magnus Tvedt

When my great-grandchildren write their book about the golden days of oil, they will write about the changes that came with the digital industrialization of the oil industry. Read more


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