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The value of SaaS

SaaS lets you log in to your browser and do your work. We invest in advanced infrastructure.

Saa S solution

Modern cloud platforms are in high demand because of their continuous updates and improvements. They enable a development pace which was unheard of just a few years back. A platform enables social interaction, ease of use, quick integrations and prompt bug fixing. On the flip side, they are just as complex to build and maintain as they are easy to use.

Log in and Create Value

With access through a web browser, there is no installation necessary on the clients computer. Processing loads are balanced between the platform servers and the users web browser. A cloud platform is optimized for the browser capabilities, and the sleek designs on the users workflow is updated to match needs and trends.

You don't get frustrated users with need for personal hardware support, all they need is a computer with a web browser and an internet connection.

Between the user and the servers there are multiple layers of security, tokens and timers make sure you are the same you as you were the last time. Data flows encrypted, and you have large companies like AWS and Microsoft ensuring integrity. Cloud solutions have become the safe guard for everything valuable in this world, from banking to personal secrets.

Developing and Hosting Cloud

Infrastructure and user experience goes hand in hand. A loading spinner can seem like a simple and obvious feature for a user, but to show progress and read updates from the ongoing process can require multiple servers communicating in the background.

When developing features, you match the server infrastructure with the services you are delivering, and to adopt to customer needs and market changes, you continue to develop. When the user experience is changed, you frequently have to update your cloud infrastructure as well.

With continuous updates of the infrastructure, you need to invest a lot in and continue to develop your cloud infrastructure.


Software as a Service, or SaaS is an agreement where you rent the software in your browser. In our platform you pay for usage and data management - we cover development costs. With this agreement we continue to invest in the infrastructure, but for the user this is invisible.

As our customer, you don't have to worry about security because through cloud providers we have access to state of the art identity and access management, encryption and monitoring.

And we can offer lower price than other solutions. The reason for this is we can reuse the infrastructure for all our customers, and we handle user specific demands without having to interfere with the user hardware.

No, the data is not shared with other customers, but the infrastructure like servers and models.

The Value of SaaS

SaaS lets you log in to your browser and do your work. We invest in and develop advanced infrastructure which we can reuse for multiple customers.

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