Modern Drilling Organization

The Modern Drilling Organization

Collaboration with colleagues near and far, experience transfer, new goals, where to start, what to aim for in the modern drilling organization

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What to expect of a modern drilling organization

It is important to know what to expect from a new tool and raise the bar on how the organization delivers.

The most significant values of the Pro Well Plan platform are:

  • Report without making reports
  • Well design discussions when desicions are made
  • Collaboration in teams across projects and areas
  • More designs and experiences generated
  • Easy comparison of concepts and contingencies
  • Compare plan to operations
  • Availability of historic wells
  • Continuous development of new work processes

The new workflows will improve the quality of work and capacity of well planning in your organization. You can free up weeks of engineering time, and it's up to you to prioritize how this time is spent for better planning.

😫 Change Management

As you know, the work processes haven't changed much in the last twenty years. So this is to to be taken lightly.

Success in well planning depends on many stakeholders internally and externally, we especially focus on:

  • Data Managers
  • Well Engineers
  • Stakeholders like geologists, petrophysicists and others
  • Operational Managers

With the Pro Well Plan platform you share the work instantly, but you also get access to more data than ever before. This means engineers and teams have to establish new routines for how the work.

If you don't ask for reports in Pro Well Plan, engineers will continue creating excel sheets, power points and documents. To improve quality of work and avoid wasting time you need to promote good efforts in the platform and create enthusiasm for new ways of working.

How will you do this?

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