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The key to success for implementing data analytics in established work environments comes through sharing good examples. Experts in support functions often has more in-depht knowledge, as they are free of all the daily coordination that eats up all the time for the planning engineers.

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Let’s have a look at how Pro Well Plan helps planners and mangers to make better decisions in their every day tasks, and how you can provide value and become the most valuable resource for them.

Defining goals and constraints

Goals and constraints are what the engineers talk about every day, often in an informal way. They say they are looking into NPT’s on different casing strategies, or they can say they are evaluating what completion solutions are the best.

The challenge is to translate these discussions into something a data driven workflow can use, and that is where you are the most important asset. The Pro Well Plan workflow let you analyze all the corporate well data, but you need to create filters and selections.

Filters are logical statements of problems. Consider them the language the data speaks. To be able to analyze NPT’s in different 10 ¾” sections, you need to define a filter where casing size = 10 ¾”.

It also helps to use your experience from engineering, so you can say that you want to look at 12 ¼” bit size, as that is the typical bit size representing the same hole sections as the 10 ¾” casing. This gives you two selections which you can compare - are all 12 ¼” holes cased with 10 ¾? Or are there liners or other sizes used?

As you can see from the previous paragraph, if you break down something basic into more selections, you start comparing and analyzing. And that is where the magic happens. You get facts and insights, which the operational teams are craving.

Building use cases like these are the key to successful implementation, and what we cover in the super user training sessions.

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