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Redefining completions planning

Our completion project, sponsored by Shell and Innovation Norway is progressing, and stakeholders from all over the world are contributing with their experience. See how you can join the project as well at the end of the article. And check out the code on github.

Completion Project Example page

Combining Specialists with Stakeholders

Working with the world's best well planning organization to create new workflows is exciting, and our continuous interviews with stakeholders of the well delivery process enable new ways of working pushing our creativity to the max. And the value generation is through the roof.

Completion partners
Project partners, Innovation Norway and Shell (Multiple global regions)

The project is sponsored by Innovation Norway and Shell, and stakeholders are interviewed from oil companies in partner and operator roles.

Creating and Sharing Plans and Experiences

As a baseline, we have the internal and external requirements of well planning. Permits, risk management, cost control, and operations optimization. We combine this with stakeholder management, so partners, vendors, governments and the operator company get the right information at the right time. All data is mapped to their source application through integrations, so you have one consistent dataset which transfers in the relevant detail level.

Listening to the Stakeholders

Stakeholder interviews in the project is adding to the project, adding context to the design decisions and data structure

“We all agree, we are not harnessing the learnings from our data”
“It’s important to influence the technology selection and completion strategy at an early stage of well planning”
“We need to do more iterations”
“As partners we need access to discussions and data, we are just getting power points”
“With all the documents, we have to choose between too little or too much information”

Stakeholder interviews 2021

Creating data infrastructure
Creating data infrastructure, visualization, and workflows

Merging Workflows

When we merge the workflows from drilling and completions, we optimize a lot of overlap. Drilling has the risk of geology and endless operational outcomes, completions are securing the safe production of hydrocarbons with high attention to detail. Many tasks are the same, but at different detail levels, requiring different inputs and expert knowledge.

Open Source Development

The technical calculations are available as open source, these are built on textbook algorithms. You can check them out on github, where you also can contribute to the development.

Check out the video below for more info on the open source projects Pro Well Plan are hosting

Change Management comes Easy with Good Software

Change management is a concern for all stakeholders of the well plan, the goal of the workflow is to be more efficient in well planning, allowing engineers to dive deeper into the details. And data is shared live with your team and stakeholders, reducing the time spent on presentations or reports.

Complex Data from Multiple Sources

Structuring completion data, there are several data sources, and when we are building the combined data structure for our customers, we make sure the planning data and historical data are the same, so you can seamlessly compare historic wells with plans and plans with results.

Push the Industry Forward

Do you want to be part of defining tomorrows workflow? You can join the project or participate with through our stakeholder interviews. Reach out to for more.

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