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Recycle, not waste

When all your work is stored and easily shared, you get rewards for putting in that extra effort.


The problem leading to waste in well planning is the lack of collaboration between experts. Consider this:

Ömer, a brilliant geologist, has just reviewed drilling problems in a bunch of offset wells. He has stored his experiences in an amazing spreadsheet and a to the point document. Zehra, a brilliant drilling engineer, has done the same and stored her work in a spectacular spreadsheet and a well-written document.

Good work so far. Nice sailing. They both show their work to their managers and get positive feedback. Zehra went out of her way and contacted a specialist, Ömer interviewed the task force who worked in his field a few years ago. Top-notch work.

And then they meet to plan the well. They talk about the challenges they have found and throw some ideas back and forth. Zehra notices she struggles with taking in all the points Ömer is bringing to the table, and Ömer wonders if Zehra has read the same sources as he has, because she has a completely different view on some issues.

They forward their work to each other, and both feel they have received a valuable asset.

Back on their planning routines, Zehra the drilling engineer is now in charge of making the final product, the well plan.

And then Zehra opens the spreadsheet and documents from Ömer. She reads a few lines, a few questions pop up, and she remembers what she wrote about in her own document and spreadsheet. So she opens up her own document and keeps working on what she found.

And at that moment, Ömer's efforts are reduced to waste. His work was not made in a format where it could be reused, and Zehra's workflow was to manual to handle other data than what she has created herself.

With the Pro Well Plan platform for well planning, Zehra and Ömer would perform their studies on the same platform. They would not create spreadsheets, and they would not write reports, as all the reporting is automated in the platform. When they move on to the design phase, they would collaborate visually on geology and well design.

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