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Pain points to acknowledge

When you acknowledge the pain points of your business, you can make valuable changes. Watch our video on how to improve!

Pain points

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Sometimes it is hard to set the agenda for change, because the real pain points run deep into your organizational veins and can be hard to catch. But when you have your mind set on a real problem, you can create significant value for your company.

And your team will recognize for solving pain points engineers and managers suffer in their day to day work.

Have a look at the video below to learn about one major pain point, the corporate data which is never used, and the local data which can't be reused.

This is a major pain point, I'm sure you can feel the frustration growing as you think of this. How are you going to differentiate from your competitors when you have this chaos in the data?

Well, by acknowledging this problem, and bring it up in discussions with your team.

Large corporations tend to favor risk aversion and repeated tasks over innovation and improvements, of natural reasons. But in times of change and layoffs, you need to act to keep your team engaged and employed.

Drilling and well has more brilliant engineers and managers than any other industry, but if the pain points are kept in the basement, you don't get the drive and passion you can get.

So get started now, reach out to our experts in well planning to learn more about how you can improve your data and well planning problems.

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