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Sharing and creating value or cementing old workflows?

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When we joined the oil and gas OSDU(TM) Data Platform and OSDU(TM) Forums, it was to access data models and take part in the development of our industry.

Well data is complex and has been static over the last ten years, and for Pro Well Plan, our goal is to aspire to a future-proof direction for how we deal with data and well planning workflows in the industry.

An open and sharing community

After only a few introductory meetings, we were live in discussions with industry experts in well design, subsurface data, cloud solutions and software development. The community is open and sharing, as in its name.


Risk mitigation and reward for performance
Risk mitigation and reward for performance

For any change to happen, there needs to be clear incentives, and what we like about OSDU is the work for a one-team data store, where oil companies, service companies and rig owners are defining and contributing to the value drivers.

The Wells Data Foundation project is significant in this way, having operators, rig companies, rig equipment manufacturers, together with small and large service providers in one group.

There are some important crossroads ahead for the oil and gas OSDU(TM) Data Platform. And the industry in general.

  • define data and workflows based on deliverables, not peoples titles
  • carry all information forward through the decision processes
  • keep all history alive as data; pre and post operations
  • multiple designs through all stages so we can compare plan to actual
Broken Lineage in well planning
Broken lineage causing loss of data and human bias

The Broken lineage is an example from an operator as an illustration of the fragmented workflows at so many stages of the well planning.

Applying the Pro Well Plan guidelines

The Pro Well Plan guidelines for workflows are to move workflow documents into safe and robust digital interfaces and to create marketplaces high quality decisions. And we donate our mindset and workflows to the OSDU(TM) Data Platform.

In the OSDU(TM) Data Platform, the value lies in where it is heading. In Pro Well Plan we are donating time, data management structures and efforts to make well plans valuable.

Software and databases define organizations. If you don't modernize your software and data flow, you cement your workflows, and when you change your software, you innovate and create new opportunities. We have found that OSDU(TM) Data Plaform and OSDU(TM) Forums is also the place to innovate with like-minded and implement modern workflows the entire industry benefits from.

Want to know more about how Pro Well Plan can make value for your implementation of the OSDU(TM) Data Platform? Let us have a meeting where we can walk you through how we solve the problems listed above.

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