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It is known that the digital transformation is getting stronger every day, and the Oil & Gas industry is embracing new approaches to perform operations in a safer and more efficient way. Generally, multidisciplinary teams must share knowledge, information and feedback in order to achieve their goals, and performance will be improved through experience.

Open source uses the same strategy but on a much bigger scale, it leads to greater innovation at a lower cost than just work from the ground up. It is flexible and allows you to take it, use it and customize it to meet your particular needs.

Building more sophisticated base tools becomes easier when doing it together and brings up to the industry a healthy competition where companies show their specialized strengths.

Our open source section offers a platform where the entire community is welcome to share ideas about different engineering tools from theory to programming. We keep maintaining and tracking the progress of any of these tools. The projects currently active are described below.

Well Profile

A python tool to generate and/or manipulate trajectory data. E.g. vertical wells, S-type, J-type or horizontal.
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Torque and Drag Calculations

A python tool to calculate drag forces and torque along a pipe inside the wellbore.
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Well Temperature Distribution

A python tool for well temperature distribution calculations during drilling, production and injection operations.
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Petroleum Data Collector

A python library to get datasets from public sources.
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- Wellbore data from NPD

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  - Topography / Bathymetry (USGS - EROS)

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Stress Analysis

A python tool to generate specific load cases for tubulars.
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This is a perfect opportunity to show off your potential while learning, developing and sharing. As a professional or student, you may have valuable ideas around several topics that could improve some current methodology, and there are many ways to contribute: theoretical concepts, modelling, programming, analysis and so on... Let's build the future together.

Getting Started

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