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How does Pro Well Plan create value for you in operations?

We know you always want to know more, and the flow of information is not the heavy stream you want it to be during operations.

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With Pro Well Plan, here is how you get all the information you need:

See what the planners have been analyzing from day one, it takes you 5 seconds to gain all their insights. In experiences you can see wellbores with relevant information, and you can quickly pick up on the decisions that was made by reading seeing the comparisons and reading the comments from the planners

Provide your experience in in ongoing projects

You can create your own experiences and add them to ongoing projects.

Get plans for more scenarios, see the scenarios the planners have thought of

Say goodbye to contingencies, with Pro Well Plan you can see the full picture, with multiple scenarios. Every contingency plan is now available in full detail, you can feed the plans directly into your operations.

Communicate next steps

Just like the planners can update the plans, so can you. Even with the support of corporate librairies and machine learning. Find relevant wellbores from the history to communicate your decisions, and design the next steps. The planning team picks up where you left off.

Perform analysis with the same information as the planning team on the fly

You can make faster and better decisions, by having all the information at your fingertips. With Pro Well Plan, you have the corporate history, and can do your own analysis, or ask the planners to set up analysis for you.

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