Modern Drilling Organization

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Improvement projects in oil companies change how teams are organized. To optimize efficiency and ensure experience transfer, people are shuffled. To become a modern company with data-driven decisions, you must think differently. 

We are in the digital age now.

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Reorganizing or Restructuring

Reorganisation means do the same job, but you might get a new line manager and you change floors.

Restructuring how you work means building an organization based on new technology and available data.

What adds most value to your organization? Reorganization or restructuring? Keep reading to prepare for your next strategy meeting.

Restructuring how you work

This can be difficult to grasp, I know, but when you get it, there is no going back, so stay with me.

What is the goal of restructuring? To make the organization use data, improve data, and make better decisions. Let's look at the problem first.

In well planning today, reporting and decisions are disconnected from the engineering work. Engineers do their work in specialist applications, then they report in documents and presentations. If the goal is to tick boxes in a management system, this is a good way of working, if you want to ensure quality and transparency, this is a costly flaw to your system.

Because documents and presentations are meant for pleasant and low detail communication, most technical details are going to be lost. Ask yourself, when did you reuse what you found in a report or presentation the last time? Did you extract the data from the chart? Did you copy the words from the report? No, you read it and you made up your own opinion. And then you started making your own presentation and document.

Spreadsheets are necessary if you don't have trustworthy data. All well planners are experts at analyzing data. They can spot errors in values in a millisecond, and they keep enormous spreadsheet databases for themselves with data they trust. The problem is that spreadsheets don't travel without the creator. Just think about the last time you forwarded your spreadsheet, did the recipient get the same understanding as you? Did she find your conclusion?

You need to work on adding quality to your data so not all your corporate value is lost in local spreadsheets. This is the major restructure. What used to be a side hustle for all team members is becoming the most important task: to improve data quality.

Start improving your data and decision making

Do like the best oil companies in the world, and team up with Pro Well Plan for data driven decision making. Our platform offer a strong QC process for data, and an integrated workflow for planning wells.

Soon you will see the need to reorganize based on your new data structure.

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